Badminton Santa

I Met Santa!


Background:Sean has been playing badminton since he was 11 years old while he participated in the highly sought after R.A competitive training program.

Qualifications: Certified Level 1 Instructor. Lessons can be conducted in English or French. Currently waiting for Level 2 to get offered.

Experience: Sean has been coaching badminton now for over 5 years and is proud to say that from 2011-2015 was the leading Authority for Badminton for the City of Ottawa.


  • Routinely gets asked by elementary/high schools to run the badminton component of their gym program
  • Runs All Badminton Programming for Dovercourt Recreation Centre & Franc-Ouest
  • From 2011-2015, Sean ran the biggest badminton program for the City of Ottawa.
  • Asked to run the Badminton Programming At Minto Recreation Complex
  • Took over the Badminton Program at the Nepean Sportsplex in 2011 when the program was being threatened to be canceled. Since taking over, it soon became one of the Sportsplex’s biggest recreation program.
  • Trained at the Prestigious RA Centre Badminton Academy as a teenager.
  • Coached a successful high school badminton team in the West End
  • Held the first ever intro to competition junior badminton tournament at the Nepean Sportsplex (Dec 2015)