Tennis Coach

Private/Group Lessons (all ages)

Don’t let bad weather get you down. Continue to improve your tennis game with lessons over the winter and have a big competitive edge for the upcoming summer. Indoor Lessons will resume in Fall 2021.

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Lessons Type Price
1 Private(1) $65 + HST
6 Private(1) $60 + HST
1 Semi-Private(2) $75 + HST
6 Semi-Private(2) $420 (total) + HST
1 Group(3-4) $85 (total) + HST
6 Group(3-4) $480 (total) + HST




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new-32199_1280 - CopyTeach your youngster Tennis/Squash (5-10 yrs)

This is a great way to introduce your child to Tennis and/or Squash in a fun and friendly manner.  These lessons will be taught on a Squash Court while the the focus will be on proper technique, understanding the fundamentals and overall enjoyment of the game. Lessons will resume in November 2019!

*Note* Emphasis can be purely on tennis or a combination of squash/tennis during the lesson. However, the use of the Squash court will help accelerate your child’s success and Squash type drills will be used for tennis.

Location (click for map):

Lessons Type Price
1 Private(1) $65
5 Private(1) $300

***Prices include all court and coaching fees.