Summer Camp Questions?

The first question you must ask yourself is how much do you want to improve? How committed are you? And what are your goals? This will help Sean determine an appropriate lesson plan for you. You can request lessons by contacting Sean at Once Sean has been given some information, a time is mutually agreed upon for the lessons. *Note* lessons do not need to be at the same time every week, however, for scheduling reasons, it is much easier to try and keep the same time every week and it helps with consistency.
Yes, all lessons require memberships to the Craig Henry Tennis Club. We are offering a “Coaching membership” which gives you the privileges of being able to take lessons for less than half the price of a regular membership.  I strongly encourage all players to take out a full membership, taking lessons and playing on your own time is the fastest and most efficient way to improve!
Yes, we have a special membership called “Coaching membership”. By paying only $40 for adult and $20 for youth, you get a lesson and program privileges with the coach. This is a cheaper option for those who simply want to take lessons or programs.
Notice of cancellation must be given at least 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson, otherwise the lesson will be charged in full.
Sean has extensive experience dealing with people who have never played racquet sports. Sean will ease you into the sport in a fun and progressive way that will leave you wanting to keep coming back.
Sean accepts cash and e-transfers. All programs, as well as all lessons, must be pre-paid.
Yes. All packages and single lessons have to be pre-paid before the first lesson 24 hours in advance to guarantee your booking.
Yes. I am here to deliver what the clients want. I am always receptive to revamping programs or creating new ones if the demand is high enough. If you have a great program idea. I would love to hear about it.
There are many different types of sponsorships available. These include but are not limited to sports equipment, health care products, food, and beverages, endorsing the site with your company’s logo and much more. You can simply send me an email with the title “Sponsorship request” and we can discuss how a sponsorship would be to our mutual benefit.
Tennis Lesson packages must be completed by September 30th, 2023.  Squash lessons packages must be completed before TBD