Here are some testimonials from students, fellow coaches, and a former employer.

Tennis Client: Derek T.

Tennis Client: Maxim G.

Former Employer: Jason T-R.

John Wins-Purdy: Tennis Pro and Tennis Community Leader: I apologize the first 5 seconds does not work

Ramin Anam (Tennis Coach at Tennis Centre West Ottawa |TCWO|)


Tyler Y.

Sean has been an excellent supervisor/boss over the past couple of years working with him. He is consistently on time and always shows up to work prepared with the proper tools. Sean is comfortable with people of all ages and always remains professional. He allows me to become independent as a tennis instructor however he also steps in to give tips and pointers when he sees the opportunity. Sean is always willing to help me out with any questions that I may have whether it is on or off the court.  Sean is very open minded to new innovative ideas with respect to teaching kids tennis and always makes it fun and enjoyable for them. His passion for tennis is very evident in the way he teaches because he is always in a cheerful mood and you can tell that he loves what he does. Overall, Sean has taught me to be a better player as well as a better tennis instructor.

Mathieu G.

Sean is an excellent coach and even better boss. Throughout my summers working with him, I never had an issue. He was always available at any time of the day, ready to help and answer questions. The material and facilities provided were more than enough to run smooth and enjoyable programs. He was also always punctual and organized as well as very flexible if ever personal reasons would not allow me to be present for a class.

The kids really enjoy his classes and there’s always a sad tone when they realize that “coach Sean” will not be present for a class.

Sean has a very positive attitude that he brings to all programs and it is truly contagious, which is, I think, a key to success.