Summer Camps FAQ *Please note this FAQ is for only the Tanglewood Tennis Camp. I am teaching the Tennis components for the Dovercourt Tennis Summer Camp . For questions about Dovercourt Camps please go to

Children will need to bring to Sean’s Tanglewood Tennis Camp: shorts, running shoes, a water bottle, a tennis racquet (if you have one), snacks and a lunch. For Sean’s Dovercourt’s Camp. Please contact Dovercourt
Sean accepts cheques and cash. All camps must be pre-paid.
Sean has developed numerous resources to make sure that the children continue to have fun at camp. Even if it rains, the camp will still run. The children will simply not be on the court until it is deemed safe by the pro.
Due to the camp being only for half a day. Most of the time we will be spending on the tennis court.
Absolutely! If you sign-up your child for Sean’s Tennis/Badminton Camp, Sean will take off $10 the camp price for the second week. ($15 off the original amount will given for children doing 3 or 4 week summer camps.
Absolutely! If you sign-up your child for Sean’s Tennis/Badminton Camp, Sean will take off $10 off for each additional child. If you have several children wanting to sign-up for multiple weeks. Each child will receive $10 off the original amount for each week of camp (maximum $20 off each participant).
This differs whether or not the program is run by the City of Ottawa, Dovercourt Recreation Centre or by Sean privately. If the number of participants is not met 72 hours before start time. Sean will inform the participants and look at other options. If another organization is in charge. It will be up to them to inform the participants of the cancellation.
We will split up the groups in accordance to age and ability.
All camps must be paid 1 week prior before the start of the first day of camp. Any withdrawal from the camp with less than 1 week warning will incur a $25 processing fee. If a participant wishes to leave the camp. They will be refunded a percentage of the days they have attended -$25 processing fee. In both cases the $25 administration fee can be converted into credit towards other programs or lessons. Credit does not carry over to the following year
I am running the extremely popular Dovercourt Tennis Camp in July and August. For more information go to, I am also running a March Break, and Christmas Camp. For information on the March Break Camp, please go to For more information on and Christmas Camp, please go to If you have an idea for a camp. Please send it to me at
As the Head Coach, I will be leading the teaching component while my assistants helping me out.

We will be running our camps at a 1/10 ratio, most summer camps run at a 1/12 ratio.

Not currently, but I am open to the idea if we can get enough interest.