Specialized equipment can be used during private lessons for beginners of all ages to ensure early success.

Lessons will resume October 2019! Email me ahead of time to reserve a spot. Enjoy your summer!




Private/Semi-Private Lessons (all ages)

Have Sean work on your game on an individual basis. Want to take a lesson with a friend? Sean offers semi-private lessons as well. Each lesson is 55 minutes long, of which 40 minutes is devoted to drills and game-improving exercises. The last 15 minutes are reserved for practicing the concepts of the lesson in a match play or rally setting. Sean is the only Squash instructor that offers 1 hour lessons in Ottawa. Sean’s lessons are 15 minutes longer than any other instructor in Ottawa which helps you reach your goals that much faster.

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***’Note***: Sean`s lessons are 25% longer in length than any other instructor in Ottawa for no additional cost.

Lesson(s) Type Price
1 Private $65
4 (Package) Private $55 per lesson
1 Semi-Private (2)* $40 per player
4 (Package) Semi-Private (2)* $35 per player per lesson
1 Group Lesson (3-4) $35 per player
4 (Package) Group Lesson (3-4) $30 per player per lesson

***Note***: Lesson packages have to be paid in full at the start of the first lesson.

Carleton students with valid student I.D (not expired), will have a price point of $60 per lesson, and $55 her hour per package of 4.